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November 2017
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The Girls’ Football Club

The Girls’ Football Club restarts on Thursday 17th January – YEY! Permission letters have been given out, so please get these back to me as soon as possible. If you haven’t been given a letter, but want to play, please call in to Violet 1 to get one. Looking forward to it!  Miss Woods and Mr Maurice.


Training Session 22 November 2012

Well it was good to be back training on Thursday. 19 girls attended, and this week we were also joined by a visiting coach, PC Kieran. The game was fast flowing and furious, but the Yellow team had the upper hand and beat the Reds,  5-2.  There were three ‘man of the match’ awards:

Moriam (V)     Fahmeedah (B)    Fatima (G)


There will be no training session on Thurs 15th November because school is closed for polling. We are all disappointed, but the Girls’ football club will recommence on Thurs 22nd  November as normal.

Training Session 08/11/12

The Girls’ After School Club restarted today after the half term break. The match played was an exciting and hard fought game.  The final score was 4-1 to the reds. Mr Maurice and Miss Woods were really impressed with the standard of play and the commitment shown. There were 3 ‘man’ of the match awards.

Zuleika     Kieanna      Shamila       Well done girls!

Training Session 18/10/2012

The girls had a great training session today. The match was very exciting and ended 1-1. Man of the match was Moriam who scored a super goal. Well done Moriam!


A new girls’ football club has started! The team coaches are Mr Maurice and Miss Woods. We now have nineteen team members. This is nearly enough girls for two whole teams – we think this is pretty awesome! Training ususally consists of some skills training, followed by a match. It’s lots of fun, and it keeps you fit.

If you are a girl in Years 3 – 6 and you would like to join, call in to see Miss Woods in Violet 1 for a letter. ‘You don’t need to be a footballer already because we will teach you how to play.

Also, the club is free for this half term!

If we keep training hard, who knows where we will end up…

Great Britain vs New Zealand in Women’s Football was the first event of the London 2012 Olympics

Great Britain won the match 1-0.

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  1.   Kasam Says:

    I know Zuleikha is a really good player


  2.   Nasreen Says:

    Good work Zuliekha.Keep it up.


  3.   Aneesah Says:



  4.   Shamila Says:

    I like FOOTBALL so i play it.


  5.   Shamila Says:

    Zuliekah is really good at football. She scored 3 goles in football club.


  6.   Tasnim Says:

    Zuleika keep it up.
    You are the best.


  7.   Aneesah Says:

    Zuleika keep it up.
    You are the best girl football player in the school.


  8.   Zuleika Says:

    I know I am!!!!!


  9.   ibrar Says:

    You are the best ever girl in this school at football Zuleika.


  10.   Jon Says:

    Well done Zuleika. Keep up the good work!


  11.   Zirgam Says:

    Your doing alright for liverpool!!!!


  12.   Fatima Says:

    Keep it up Zuleika your the best footballer in the SCHOOL!!!


  13.   Tasnim Says:

    Keep it up zuelika your the best girl football player.
    Keep it up!


  14.   marya Says:

    Zuleika i agree with everyone you are the best footballer and striker.


  15.   Najia Says:

    I agree. Zuleika is a great footballer.


  16.   06khamor Says:

    i have been the man of the match like 5 times i think


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