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Liverpool 6 – 0 Tottenham by Ibrahim and Shakir

February 4th, 2013 by

Liverpool 100% Record Unbroken


Liverpool 6 – 0 Tottenham


Liverpool were unbeaten in 8 games and they were hoping to make it 9 against a confident Tottenham Hotspur, who had beaten Chelsea 8 – 3 in their last game. This was assured to be a cracker.

Ibrahim, Tottenham’s main man, quoted “I hope we beat Liverpool or at least salvage a point out of this.”

Kick off. A shot was saved by Tottenham star goalkeeper, Farhad who almost blasted it out of the Bankside Arena. Zuleika cleared it away to Ashfaq, who played it square to Jubair, he slotted the ball home to make the score 1-0. 5 minutes after that kick off, Ashfaq scored a rocket from a tight angle. It was a beauty! 2 – 0. Mustafa took a shot but Farhad who was an outstanding keeper in that match. Jubair missed a golden chance which was on a plate for him because he mis-kicked it. There was a goal scoring opportunity for Haroon of Tottenham but he was chopped down by Ateeq who got a straight red card. Liverpool nearly scored for the third time but an athletic save by one of the best keepers in the league stopped that. Just before half time, Jubair scored a wondrous goal. 3 – 0. After that, the whistle blew for half time.

Liverpool kicked the ball and was blocked by Fidaa. Free kick to Liverpool. Mustafa took it and he missed. Cleared away by Zakariya. A penalty was awarded to Liverpool due to a handball. Jubair took it because he was on a hat-trick and he scored it. 4 – 0. Lovely clearance by Ibrahim, who has been trying his best, along with all the other Tottenham team players. Another penalty was awarded to Liverpool because Metab back passed it to Farhad. Ibrahim was sent off because he was arguing with the referee. This moment was truly the chaos section in the match. Liverpool took too long to take the penalty so Mr Abdur, the referee, took it off them. Jubair scored a goal which deflected of Metab to make the score 5 – 0. 6 minutes later Jubair got his 5th goal of the match. 6 – 0. Jubair has now got 42 goals making him the league’s top scorer.  That was literelly the last kick of the game before the whistle blew for full time.

This was a great match and Liverpool came out victorious. Can they go through the whole league with a 100% record???


Men of the Match

Tottenham: Faisal  Ashfaq: Liverpool

Liverpool Scorers

Jubair – 5

Ashfaq – 1


Tottenham Scorers

None – 0

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Manchester United 11 – 4 Chelsea By Ibrahim

January 31st, 2013 by


Manchester United 11 – 4 Chelsea

Manchester United have had the only clean sheet of the season and it was against Chelsea (14-0). United star, Arif Haque, quoted “Glory, glory Man United!! I really hope we win and get another clean sheet.

The whistle blew for the beginning of the game at The Bankside Arena with the Stadium full with supporters for both teams ready to support their teams. Chelsea took a shot but Akarrie blocked it. Jaiadul came in for the rebound but he hit the post. Arif stormed through the pitch, crossed it but it was blocked. Handball by Ahmed. Cleared away by Hamzah. Arif ran in, passed it to Ayub, he took a shot and he scored! 1-0. Handball by Murtaza and a penalty was awarded to Chelsea. Samir took it, it was saved by Akhlaq, and he missed the rebound again but luckly it came out to him again and he scored the equaliser. 1-1. Straight from kick off, Arif stormed through the right wing but he got fouled. There was chaos about who was going to take the free kick but it was agreed that Arif would take it. Arif played a cheeky chip into Murtaza’s path; Murtaza shot it first time and the ball landed in the back of the net! 2-1. Ayub scored an inch-perfect goal, which he shot from outside of the box. 3-1. Akhlaq crossed it in to Murtaza got fouled and a free kick was awarded to United. Murtaza wasted the chance. 5 minutes after that he scored his second of the game. 4-1. Another handball by Ahmed to give a penalty to United. Arif scored it. 5-1. Half time. This game was all United.

The whistle blew for the second half and Arif got his second of the evening. 6-1. Ibrar scored a left footed goal to rack the scores up to 7-1. Hassan got his 1st in a long time. 8-1. Ibrar scored another in under 3 minutes. Hamzah of Chelsea got 2 in 6 minutes to give Chelsea a little bit of hope. 8-3. Ibrar got his hat trick. 9-3. Shakir scored conselation goal for Chelsea. He hasn’t been playing to his ability as he hasn’t been on the ball a lot. 9-4. Arif scored his hat trick and marked it with a screamer and right after that the whistle blew for full time. The score was 11-4.

This game was all Manchester United who, at this rate, are going to get 2nd place in the league. Their next match is against Arsenal. That will be a good one.


Manchester United Scorers

Arif – 3 (1 pen)

Ibrar – 3

Ayoub – 2

Murtaza – 2

Hassan – 1

Chelsea Scorers

Hamzah – 2

Samir – 1 (pen)

Shakir – 1


Men of the Match

       Manchester United: Hassan            Chelsea: Ahmed

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Liverpool 23 – 1 Arsenal By Ibrahim and Shakir

January 28th, 2013 by and tagged ,


Liverpool 23 – 1 Arsenal

There was a buzz of excitement in the dressing room as Liverpool and Arsenal prepared for a great game which was due to take place at the Bankside Stadium. The score last time was 23-1 to Liverpool and Arsenal desperately wanted revenge.

The whistle blew for the first half of a game assured to be filled with excitement and a great start for Liverpool with Jubair scoring the opener. 1-0. Ashfaq scored the second. 2-0. A free kick was awarded to Arsenal but Ramzaan missed the shot. Mustafa hit the post. Great work by Zakariya, the Liverpool centre back who cleared the ball away. Jubair scored again. 3-0. The ball was crossed in but Mustafa missed. Then he hit the post for the second time 5 minutes. Zuleika nearly scored but it was saved by Zishan. A goal was disallowed due to Ashfaq handballing the ball in the net and he was sent off for 5 minutes. Jubair shot 3 times but he missed them all. Zuleika scored a peach of a goal! 4-0. Straight away Jubair scored his hat trick. And then Rahim scored. 6-0. After that, the whistle blew for half time. The score at that moment was 6-0.

The whistle blew for the second half and Liverpool definitely had the upper hand in this game. Liverpool were on the attack like they have been throughout the match. Great goal by Jubair. 7-0. Penalty to Liverpool. Jubair stepped up to take it. Could he do it? Yes he could!! 8-0 to Liverpool. Zuleika scored her 2nd of the night and this was a huge achievement for her because she doesn’t usually score. 9-0. The rest of this game was all Liverpool. Without hesitation, Ashfaq scored a lovely goal. Within seconds, Rohit scored. 11-0. Wow! Ashfaq scored a lovely goal to mark his hat trick. Jubair wants the golden boot and, at this rate, he is bound to get it. He, at this point, scored 6 goals in this game. 12-0. Mustafa scored to make the total 13-0. Ramzaan scored 1 and the only goal for Arsenal in this game. Mustafa scored again. He was now on a hat trick. Ashfaq scored another. My, this game at that point was turning into shooting practice. 16-1. Mustak scored straight away after Ashfaq. A great goal by Jubair, who is the top scorer for Liverpool and the top scorer in the league at the moment. 17-1. Jubair scored again. And again. 19-1. Mustafa scored his hat trick. 20-1. Great goal by Jubair, who has now got 10 goals in this game. Another goal by Jubair. 23-1. The whistle which Arsenal had long awaited had finally arrived and the score was the same as last time. 23-1.

Liverpool scorers

Jubair – 11
Ashfaq – 4
Mustafa – 3
Zuleika – 2
Rohit – 1
Rahim – 1

Arsenal scorer

Ramzaan – 1

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An Emphatic Win for the Red Devils by Ibrahim and Ashfaq

January 25th, 2013 by and tagged , , ,

Kick off. Nicely caught by Owais. A defensive mistake by Akhlaq caused Man City to pounce but they failed to use the chance properly. Ayoub took a shot but it was blocked by City’s consistence defence. Now they were on the counter attack. Long ball played to Asadullah. Abass was being closed down quickly. Free kick awarded to United. Arif stormed through the pitch and shot but it was saved by Zia. Straight away Arif scored a magnificent goal! Straight away there was a goal at the other side of the pitch with Rahat tapping the ball through the keeper’s legs. 1-1. There was another goal following a saved shot by Rahat yet again. 2-1. Great save by Moriam. Ayoub scored the equaliser! 2-2. Cleared away by Murtaza. A string of great save produced by Zia, what consistency by the City keeper. The ball was headed by Asadullah but it was saved by Moriam. She also saved it 3 times after that. Both keepers were playing very well in this game. The ball took a deflection and Akbar made City take the lead. 3-2. Asadullah was tackled by Akhlaq. Akbar scored again 4-2. A scorcher was scored by Kasam straight after that. 5-2. A crazed fan ran onto the pitch, distracted the referee and caused Akarrie to score. 5-3. Half time.
The whistle blew for the second half and Ibrar scored a great goal. Man United were coming back strong and were on the verge of a comeback. But Man City were doing all they could to stop that from happening with Rahat scoring his hat trick. 6-4. a tap in scored by Kasam.7-4. Rahat scored his 4th of the night. 8-4 Ibrar scored his 2nd of the night. 8-5. Could Man Utd perform what seemed like an impossible mission with 10 minutes to go or would they fail miserably? Ibrar scored his hat trick to make the gap 2 goals apart.8-6. Akarrie makes it 8-7. Ibrar was playing great. He scored the equaliser to make it 8-8. Could Man Utd do it? Or will City steal the glory? Ayoub scored a peach of a goal which sealed the game for Man Utd, while the team and supporters screamed the house down! 9-8. The whistle blew for fulltime.
After a lot of chaos and mix up with the scores (9-9, 9 8, 8 8), Man U won the game by 1 goal in injury time.
They are now 3rd but could drop to 4th if Tottenham win their next game against undefeated Liverpool

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Tottenham Hunting for 3rd place !! by Ashfaq and Zia

January 22nd, 2013 by

Tottenham hunting for 3rd place !!

Tottenham 8 – 3 Chelsea

Both teams lost their last matches, and were looking to bounce back, but only one team will come out on top.

 The match started great for Chelsea, Raihan scored an early penalty 1 – 0 to Chelsea .Tottenham were trying to get the ball to their main striker Ibrahim but Chelsea were stopping Tottenham getting it to Ibrahim. Chelsea makes an attack by Samir, Samir passes to Shakir and Shakir but it in the back of Tottenham’s net. After a minute or so Tottenham score a goal 2 – 1 to Chelsea. Ibrahim scores the equaliser of a rebound at half time the score was 4 – 2. After half time an early goal by Faisal, final score was 8 – 3 to Tottenham. Tottenham turned this game around first Tottenham was losing 2 – 0 then they came back 8 – 3.

Man City are Tottenhams only hopes for Tottenham to go on top of Man UTD. But as for Chelsea their threatened to go bottom on the table after 6th place Arsenal beat 4th place Tottenham.

Tottenham              Chelsea   

Faisal 4                     Shakir 1

Ibrahim  3                Raihan 2

Rizwana 1

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Liverpool Remain Invincible by Ibrahim and Zishan

January 18th, 2013 by and tagged ,


Yesterday, was the long awaited clash between the super clubs Man Utd and Liverpool. Manchester United midfield maestro, Arif,  before the match said, “It’s going to be a really tough game, Liverpool are unbeaten in the league and we’ll have to work really hard”.

Kickoff. Straight away Liverpool were on the attack with Jubair dribbling past the opposition. It was cleared away by Moriam. Mustafa went for goal but he missed. Liverpool hit the post and on the rebound Murtaza scored an own goal! 1-0. What a disappointing moment for Manchester United. Now all of Liverpool were attacking Arif but before they could tackle him he gave it in the box but Ibrar missed it. Liverpool were going for goal with Mustafa but he missed it and it goes to the other end with Ashfaq and plays it to Mushtaq but Moriam cleared it. Arif on the run tries getting around Zulieka but she gets it. Then Ayub gets it and scores then straight after kick off he scores again amazing. Liverpool are on the attack. Oops a handball by Moniruj which gave Liverpool a penalty. Jubair stands up to take the spot kick and puts it in. 2-2. Straight after kick off Ashfaq smacks it from the halfway line 3-2.

Akhlaq sends it to Arif, he shoots and misses it.  Murtaza, to Akhlaq shot hard and it hit a Liverpool players hand penalty to man u.Ayub scores the penalty goal 3-3. Halftime. Goal 6-4 ayub. Again Ayub  scores again 6-5.Another goal for liverpool 7-5. Penalty liverpool scores again 8-5 fulltime.

Another superb win for Liverpool at the Bankside Stadium. They now have 18 points which gives them a clear lead of 6. Will any of the other teams catch them?

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Liverpool Hold off Man City to Stay on Top

January 14th, 2013 by and tagged ,


Liverpool 7 – 6 Manchester City



Like we said in the last game, we said this match would be a cracker. And it did not disappoint. This long awaited clash between the top two was postponed for a 3 weeks due to torrential rain and then the holidays.
The whistle blew for the first half and straight away Liverpool were on the attack. Jubair was on the ball but it was cleared away by the rock hard City defence. Man city are on the counter attack with Akbar at the heart of the team. He was stopped by Zakariya and it was blasted away by Zuleika. Zia came back with the ball but he was tackled by Zuleika. Straight after that, BANG! 1-0. Jubair had slotted the ball home into the bottom left corner. Straight away after kickoff, Ashfaq shoots and scores. 2-0. Man City were on the attack and Armaan guided it to the back of the net to get one back for them. The score was now 2-1. The score was almost made 3-1 when Mushtaq had a chance on a plate for him but he just missed the open net. Man City were on the attack again but the troublesome two, Zuleika and Zakariya make it hard for them to get any goals away. The next 5 minutes were quite slow until Kasam crossed it in and Armaan taps the ball in.3-2. The half time whistle blew with Liverpool 1 goal in the lead.
The whistle has blew for the second half and Liverpool were straight away on the attack. Ashfaq dribbled past all the players, crossed it in, but the ball was blocked out by City’s deep defence. Mustafa took a shot but it was blocked yet again. Jubair was on the ball, he took a shot but the City keeper made a wonderful save. Great play by Liverpool. A cross deep into the box by Ashfaq, went to Mushtaq and he placed it home. 4-2. Kasam nutmegged the keeper. 4-3. What a amazing goal that was. Great goal by Rahat to make the scores level. Liverpool had a freekick. Mujibur scored from the resulting freekick. The final score from a very entertaining game with fans screaming from the stands finished at Liverpool 7 Manchester City 6.

Moriam & Ibrahim

Mustak 1
Mustafa 1
Jubair 3
Ashfaq 2

Manchester City
Kasam 2
Rahat 2
Akbar 1
Zuleika 1 (OG)

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Tottenham vs Arsenal

January 14th, 2013 by and tagged , ,



Tottenham 7 – 8 Arsenal 


Ibrahim, Tottenham Star said “I’m really excited to be part of this match. We lost to Arsenal last time and we are planning to get our revenge!”

The match had started, a fantastic save from Ramzaan after only 10 seconds of the game played. A fantastic run from the Arsenal captain Zishan but Rezwana blocked and went straight to Haris and scored passed his brother, the Arsenal goalkeeper Ramzaan. 1-0 Tottenham. Both teams played very good and then Adil scored. Zishan took an amazing shot but it hit the post. Penalty to Arsenal. Hamza took it and missed and a fabulous save by Farhad. Another goal by Adil scored again and then minutes later he scored his hat- trick. Ramzaan scored a nice goal. Good save by Farhad. Great save by Zishan. Zishan running up and he scored. Great goal by Hamza. Half time. Great goal by Faisal. Ramzaan was running up and he scored. Great goal by Hamza. Zishan with a great shot and handball by Ibrahim and Zishan scored.

Men of the match:

Tottenham: Haris

Arsenal: Hamza

Tottenham Scorers                                                                 Arsenal Scorers

Faisal 2                                                                                        Zishan 3

Adil 3                                                                                           Hamza 2

Haris 1                                                                                         Ramzaan 2

                                                                                                      Hassan 1

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A Courageous Man City Beat Chelsea with Flying Colours By Ibrahim and Moriam

January 10th, 2013 by and tagged , , ,

Man City walked into this match 3 points behind leaders Liverpool, who they are playing in their next match.  That will be a cracker. They looked very confident coming onto the pitch. Chelsea, on the other hand were 5th in the table, losing all their games except for 2 of them. But this was not a one-sided match, we assure you.
The first 10 minutes were quite slow, with both teams not getting many chances in the box. Man City were now on the attack. Kasam tried to cross it in but Chelsea’s deep defence blocked it out. Abass played a great ball to Kasam but the attack was not properly finished. Free kick to Chelsea. Jaidul takes the free kick. There was a handball and another free kick for Chelsea. A great save by Zia, the Man City keeper. On the other side, there was a thunderous shot by Kasam, who, up to that moment was the best player of the match. It took a deflection on the way but the Chelsea keeper, Shakir, still managed to save it. Man City were on the move again. A golden chance, which was on a plate for Riyadh, the Chelsea captain, who missed an opportunity to put his team ahead. A great chance was wasted by Abass for Man City, which was caused by a defensive error. A pass by Zia, which slid through the defence was straight at Armaan, who just guided the ball right into the goal.1-0 to Man City. A foul was committed by Asadullah. A goal was ruled out against Man City for fouling the Chelsea keeper. Another goal was ruled out due to a back heel goal, which is very dangerous. Another was ruled out due to a Man City player kicking the ball out of the Chelsea keeper’s hands. A great goal by Armaan, ricocheting the net. 2 – 0. A free kick was awarded to Chelsea right outside the area, which was saved by the keeper. A yellow card to Asadullah due for fouling a player. A penalty was awarded to Chelsea and they missed. They had to retake the penalty because not all the Man City players weren’t behind the ball but it was saved. They had to retake the penalty again for the same reason. The keeper saved it again. He was  playing oustandingly in the first half.  The whistle blew for half time. The score is 2 – 0. 3 missed penalties. 3 disallowed goals.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         

The whistle blows for the second half of the game and straight away there is a free kick to Chelsea and there was a yellow card given to Zia. The free kick was saved by Asadullah. A nice close range goal by Kasam and the score is now 3 – 0. A shot from Kasam hits the post. It was 4 – 0 to Man City. They scored an open goal. Syed, one of the younger members of the team, is on the ball. Can he put it away? Yes he can! 5 – 0. In a flash it is 6 – 0 to Man City and a happy Armaan has got his hat trick. In less than a flash Asadullah scores and makes it 7 – 0. Beautiful goal by Armaan, who gets his 4th of the day. 8 – 0. Chelsea gets two goals in less than 5 minutes, 1 from Samir (Pen) and one from Raihan. Samir gets another and makes it 8 – 3. An own goal by Fahim, who has had a bad day today makes it 9 – 3. The full time whistle blows and Man City succeed in winning the game. They are now level with Liverpool and their next match will be a hard one.

Man City Scorers

Akbar – 2

Armaan – 2

Asadullah – 2

Zia – 1

Syed – 1

Fahim (Chelsea OG)


Chelsea scorers

Samir – 2 (1 pen)

Raihan – 1

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All about Fernando Torres By Ibrar

January 4th, 2013 by and tagged

Fernando  Torres was born on 20th March 1984 birth place Fuenlabrada, Spain . nicknamed El Nino The Kid in Spanish. Fernando Torres plays for Spain his international team his current club is Chelsea. His first club was Atletico Madrid been they’re sinces 2001-2007. Fernando Torres  scored 82 goals and was the captian for Atletico Madrid, had the number on his shirt 9. Liverpool had to pay 25 million for Atletico madrid’s captian. 2nd club was Liverpool and he kept the number 9  2007 was Fernando Torres first year at liverpool . After a bit Fernando torres was called one of the best Liverpool player of all times and the Fastest player to score 50 League goals in history for the club. 102 Appearance, 82 goals for Liverpool Fernando Torres was a Amazing player for Liverpool Rafa benitez got torres into the team. 2011 of january Chelsea had broke a record in British History with 5o million move for Fernando Torres.  Kenny Dalglish was the manger who sold Fernando Torres at the time. The Chelsea supports were so happy that Fernando Torres will be they’re hero and scored so many goals for the Blues But no he was’nt the hero or the goal machine for Chelsea F.C. 2011 chelsea vs man utd the goals were 3-1 but Torres had gone around the man utd keeper De Gea and made a Horrible miss at the end of the match it should of been 3-2. barca vs chelsea sem-final in the champions League it was nearly the end of the match 2-1 could Torres be the hero for Chelsea Torres got the ball could he make it a winner for Chelsea goes around barca keeper Valdes and its a goal for chelsea on 3-2 aggregate.

2001-2007 Aletico Madrid

2007-2011 Liverpool

2011-2012 Chelsea




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