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Liverpool vs Chelsea

February 12th, 2013 by and tagged , ,

Liverpool Make History

Liverpool 21-5 Chelsea

Liverpool were already guaranteed the title, win or lose this game, and if they won this game, it would only add to their point gap between them and 2nd place, Man City. Ashfaq, Liverpool captain, quoted “I am very confident that we are going to win this game, we have already won the league so I’ll just say You’ll Never Walk Alone!!!

Kick off. Jubair took 3 shots in a row and he crossed for the 4th but no one was at the end of it.  Cleared by Zakariya, who is clearly the best defender in the league. Chelsea are defending well, trying to hold off Liverpool. Samir is playing like a pro, but he keeps losing control of the ball. Fahim handballed it and gave away a penalty. Can Jubair put his team ahead? Yes he can! 1 – 0. 1 minute later, Jubair scored again. 2 – 0. Another clearance by Zakariya and Zuleika, who are known by other teams as ‘The Dreadful Double’. 10 min until halftime. Jubair has got his hat trick in the first half. What a beauty he scored. 3-0. Brilliant work by Samir who played it to Riyadh, who guided it in. After kick off, Suleman blasted it out of play. Great save by Aqib. Wondrous save by Mujibur. 5 minutes left until half time. Great save by Aqib but he failed to clear it but saved it again. An inch-perfect goal by Jubair, who is eyeing up that Golden Boot. Chelsea are wasting time and that is the main reason they are not scoring. Ashfaq took to many touches and that is a chance wasted. Lovely two goals by Jubair. Jubair scored again. 7-1. Jubair has now got 7 goals, he is scoring every 2 minutes. 8-1. Half time. Penalty to Liverpool. Mustafa scored and made it 9-1. Mustafa tries to take a shot but missed and Ashfaq scored. Jubair tried to take a shot. Riyadh runs with the ball and got tackled by Zuleika. The score so far is 10-1. Jahidul tries to take a shot but misses. Jubair scored again. 11-1. Samir scores a goal for Chelsea. 11-2. Jubair tries to take a shot from the half way line but the goalkeeper saved it. Jubair scored again. In 5 minutes Jubair scored another 5 goals. 17-2. Penalty to Chelsea. Samir took it and scored.17-3. Ashfaq passed it to Zakariya, who cleared it. Mustak falls down and Jubair played the advantage and scored. Jubair scored another goal. Samir shot but Zakariya defended it. Awesome goal by Jubair, he scored out of the box. Penalty to Liverpool because Fahim thought he was the goalkeeper and picked it up. Jubair took it and scored. Jubair really wants that Golden Boot! He is really trying hard. Samir scored another 2 in 3 minutes. Jubair passed it to Ashfaq and Ashfaq scored. Jubair has scored 58 goals in the whole season.

Men of the match:

Chelsea: Shakir, Fahim & Aqib

Liverpool: Mustak, Rohit & Raahim

Liverpool scorers                                                                          Chelsea scorers

Jubair-16                                                                                        Riyadh-1

Ashfaq-4                                                                                         Samir-4


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  1.   06islabi Says:

    This was a really good match I was watching it i think it was a good game. :)- Abidul 😉


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