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Liverpool 6 – 0 Tottenham by Ibrahim and Shakir

February 4th, 2013 by

Liverpool 100% Record Unbroken


Liverpool 6 – 0 Tottenham


Liverpool were unbeaten in 8 games and they were hoping to make it 9 against a confident Tottenham Hotspur, who had beaten Chelsea 8 – 3 in their last game. This was assured to be a cracker.

Ibrahim, Tottenham’s main man, quoted “I hope we beat Liverpool or at least salvage a point out of this.”

Kick off. A shot was saved by Tottenham star goalkeeper, Farhad who almost blasted it out of the Bankside Arena. Zuleika cleared it away to Ashfaq, who played it square to Jubair, he slotted the ball home to make the score 1-0. 5 minutes after that kick off, Ashfaq scored a rocket from a tight angle. It was a beauty! 2 – 0. Mustafa took a shot but Farhad who was an outstanding keeper in that match. Jubair missed a golden chance which was on a plate for him because he mis-kicked it. There was a goal scoring opportunity for Haroon of Tottenham but he was chopped down by Ateeq who got a straight red card. Liverpool nearly scored for the third time but an athletic save by one of the best keepers in the league stopped that. Just before half time, Jubair scored a wondrous goal. 3 – 0. After that, the whistle blew for half time.

Liverpool kicked the ball and was blocked by Fidaa. Free kick to Liverpool. Mustafa took it and he missed. Cleared away by Zakariya. A penalty was awarded to Liverpool due to a handball. Jubair took it because he was on a hat-trick and he scored it. 4 – 0. Lovely clearance by Ibrahim, who has been trying his best, along with all the other Tottenham team players. Another penalty was awarded to Liverpool because Metab back passed it to Farhad. Ibrahim was sent off because he was arguing with the referee. This moment was truly the chaos section in the match. Liverpool took too long to take the penalty so Mr Abdur, the referee, took it off them. Jubair scored a goal which deflected of Metab to make the score 5 – 0. 6 minutes later Jubair got his 5th goal of the match. 6 – 0. Jubair has now got 42 goals making him the league’s top scorer.  That was literelly the last kick of the game before the whistle blew for full time.

This was a great match and Liverpool came out victorious. Can they go through the whole league with a 100% record???


Men of the Match

Tottenham: Faisal  Ashfaq: Liverpool

Liverpool Scorers

Jubair – 5

Ashfaq – 1


Tottenham Scorers

None – 0

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  1.   Ashfaq Says:

    Another great match report keep the good work up and this report is well detailed. I’m liking the openers for the report. 😛


  2.   kasam Says:

    This is a very nice match report with lots of vocab and I like the part when you wrote Ibrahim quoted because people who want to do reports about professinol teams will also interview people.


  3.   Zia Says:

    Good adjectives and similes Ibrahim and Shakir. Next time try to use some player quotes if possible


  4.   jubair Says:

    Good work ibrahim and shakir you did a good report keep it up 🙂


  5.   08rahmus Says:

    GOOD WORK Mr Abdur and Maurice keep up the MAGNIFICENT FANTASTIC Work and ICT i love it,i can’t wait for the Fa Cup Leeds Or Liverpool again i think.I CAN’T WAIT FOR THE IG MATCH on wednesday Liverpool vs Bradford Tomorrow.I think it is going to be SUPER GOOD!!



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