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A Courageous Man City Beat Chelsea with Flying Colours By Ibrahim and Moriam

January 10th, 2013 by and tagged , , ,

Man City walked into this match 3 points behind leaders Liverpool, who they are playing in their next match.  That will be a cracker. They looked very confident coming onto the pitch. Chelsea, on the other hand were 5th in the table, losing all their games except for 2 of them. But this was not a one-sided match, we assure you.
The first 10 minutes were quite slow, with both teams not getting many chances in the box. Man City were now on the attack. Kasam tried to cross it in but Chelsea’s deep defence blocked it out. Abass played a great ball to Kasam but the attack was not properly finished. Free kick to Chelsea. Jaidul takes the free kick. There was a handball and another free kick for Chelsea. A great save by Zia, the Man City keeper. On the other side, there was a thunderous shot by Kasam, who, up to that moment was the best player of the match. It took a deflection on the way but the Chelsea keeper, Shakir, still managed to save it. Man City were on the move again. A golden chance, which was on a plate for Riyadh, the Chelsea captain, who missed an opportunity to put his team ahead. A great chance was wasted by Abass for Man City, which was caused by a defensive error. A pass by Zia, which slid through the defence was straight at Armaan, who just guided the ball right into the goal.1-0 to Man City. A foul was committed by Asadullah. A goal was ruled out against Man City for fouling the Chelsea keeper. Another goal was ruled out due to a back heel goal, which is very dangerous. Another was ruled out due to a Man City player kicking the ball out of the Chelsea keeper’s hands. A great goal by Armaan, ricocheting the net. 2 – 0. A free kick was awarded to Chelsea right outside the area, which was saved by the keeper. A yellow card to Asadullah due for fouling a player. A penalty was awarded to Chelsea and they missed. They had to retake the penalty because not all the Man City players weren’t behind the ball but it was saved. They had to retake the penalty again for the same reason. The keeper saved it again. He was  playing oustandingly in the first half.  The whistle blew for half time. The score is 2 – 0. 3 missed penalties. 3 disallowed goals.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         

The whistle blows for the second half of the game and straight away there is a free kick to Chelsea and there was a yellow card given to Zia. The free kick was saved by Asadullah. A nice close range goal by Kasam and the score is now 3 – 0. A shot from Kasam hits the post. It was 4 – 0 to Man City. They scored an open goal. Syed, one of the younger members of the team, is on the ball. Can he put it away? Yes he can! 5 – 0. In a flash it is 6 – 0 to Man City and a happy Armaan has got his hat trick. In less than a flash Asadullah scores and makes it 7 – 0. Beautiful goal by Armaan, who gets his 4th of the day. 8 – 0. Chelsea gets two goals in less than 5 minutes, 1 from Samir (Pen) and one from Raihan. Samir gets another and makes it 8 – 3. An own goal by Fahim, who has had a bad day today makes it 9 – 3. The full time whistle blows and Man City succeed in winning the game. They are now level with Liverpool and their next match will be a hard one.

Man City Scorers

Akbar – 2

Armaan – 2

Asadullah – 2

Zia – 1

Syed – 1

Fahim (Chelsea OG)


Chelsea scorers

Samir – 2 (1 pen)

Raihan – 1

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10 Responses to “A Courageous Man City Beat Chelsea with Flying Colours By Ibrahim and Moriam”

  1.   violet1 Says:

    Ibrahim. what a fantastic first match report. It is well written, and I was able to follow the game well. Also, I really like some of the phrases you have used – ‘thunderous shot’and ‘golden chance’. As you realised yourself,it is important to get the paragraph structure correct from the beginning, so I am sure this aspect will be easier next time. Keeping the tense correct e,g all in the past tense, apart from the conclusion, will also help the flow of your writing. And Moriam, what would we do without you? Always there, ready and willing to take the match notes, so that the Bankside Football League is able to produce their twice weekly match reports.Pure, Bankside Best Brilliance Guys.
    Miss Woods.


  2.   Ibrahim Says:

    Thank you Miss Woods,for saying so many nice things about my first match report. I hope I can write many more! 🙂


  3.   Ashfaq Says:

    great report Ibrahim keep up the great work


  4.   kasam Says:

    this is a really nice report Ibrahim and Zishan


  5.   Tasmiya Says:

    This was a amazing report l really liked it had a lot of intresting facts l just wanted to read on and on good work excellant!


  6.   Farhad Says:

    Ibrahim, what a good report I like the colours also I like the headline so keep it up Tottenham player!!!


  7.   haseeb Says:

    Awesome report ibrahim your doing very well


  8.   zia Says:

    Great match report With superb WOW words when will liverpool vs Manchester city be uploaded


  9.   08henaka Says:

    good work liverpool you won only because you had jubair and ashfak
    but good playing, shooting, and passing thats all im going to say


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