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Sana/Uzma Our first video

December 17th, 2015 by

Writtn by Sana and Uzma

Arsenal Vs Manchester city

On Wednesday the 16th this was a football game

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Bankside vs Shakespare

December 3rd, 2015 by

We started with a brilliant goal. By mehtaab. It was a foul to Ashfaqur he took a free kick and he scored hit in the middle.  And stared celebrating there was then shakespare nearly scored a goal past zuhair but he saved it then we stared passing the ball then akif crossed the ball then mehtaab after he scored he  got subbed  of and fahim got on then there was  2 minute then we start passing the ball then it was over we shacked hands.That ment we had won the game and move to the next round in the cup

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Newcastle vs Liverpool

December 3rd, 2015 by

Newcastle and Liverpool match has begun. Akif with a goal, but Mehtaab said “ok” and scored from a beautiful kick off. A tackle by Oliur, Muzammil took a shot and a goal for Newcastle. Akif scored a goal for Liverpool, a handball by Tamjid, a penalty for Liverpool and ahmad scored. Mehtaab took a shot and for Newcastle. A goal for Newcastle by Mehtaab. A good shot by Mehtaab. Another goal for Newcastle. A wonderful shot by Akif. What tackle by Fahim. Then Fertaj. Free-kick  for Liverpool. A clear by Oliur. a shot by Ifaan. A goal for Liverpool by Ifraan. A chance for Liverpool. Free-kick for Newcastle. A clear by Oliur. What a save by Ridwaan. What a tackle by Fahim. Another  save by Ridwaan. Long shot Mehtaab. Defensive by Gilbert,Tamzid. Skils by Rakib. Hit the post by Akif. Great goal by Akif. Best goal ever by Mehtaab. Full Time Scores 7-6

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man of the Match

November 20th, 2015 by

Norwich v Tottenham

Zoya  and  Adeal

Nyasha and Faheem

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Girls football club

November 19th, 2015 by and tagged

The girls:






















All these girls are very bright and are determined in what they want to do. There is a new helper called Erica and we are learning lots of new things and ways of training from her.



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Norwich vs Tottenham

November 19th, 2015 by

What a save by Adil. Goal by Muqadas 1-0.Chance for Tottenham…Miss. Chance for Norwich Lucky stop by Azhar. Nice ball by Adam. Good stop by Adil. Goal to Tottenham, What a goal by Abdullah. Half time score 2-1 Tottenham. Great tackle by  Zoya. Hand ball, free kick to Norwich. What a World Class Save by Adil. Good shot by Aisha. Good save by Adil. Good stop by Farhad. What a save by Adil. Back pass, Foul for Norwich. Re-Taken the free kick by Faheem. Good clearance by Hamza.

Full Time


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Top Scorers

October 1st, 2015 by

Bankside Premier League

Top Scorers

Team Player Goals
Newcastle Mehtaab 11
Manchester City Kalvin 3
Manchester City Josef 1
Newcastle Oliur 1
Newcastle Muzamil 1
Newcastle Manuel 1

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Team Information

October 1st, 2015 by

Manchester United




Manchester City Liverpool Chelsea Tottenham



Metab Jahidul Kalvin Akif Ashfaqur Abdullah



Ridwaan Abbas Shakeel Mahbub Ehsan Mutasim



Oliur Akeem Hamza Rakib Zuhar Mahdiyah



Manuel Haris Josef Nadim Ishaque Zain



Muzammil Habib Tanveer Faysal Sahil Jamil



Tamjid Samad Zade Enam Ibrahim Adeel



Dawud Sami Abdul Hadi Ahmed Yasin M Hamza



Fahim Fayyad M K Ahmed Sami Sophie Haider



Gilbert Ismail Daniyaal Ifraan Sahal M Hussain



Fertaj Mikhail Islam Shakim Musa M Adam




Tyron Sahil Vijay Iman Zoya


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My Biography of Juan Mata by Ibrahim

March 7th, 2013 by

Juan Manuel Mata García was born on the 28th April, 1988.

He currently plays for Chelsea FC, but has played for other clubs in his career. He is an attacking midfielder, but can also play on the wing. His preferred foot is left. He is known for his speed, skill, creativity and is known as a ‘spark’. He is frequently compared to former Valencia teammate David Silva and Chelsea legend Gianfranco Zola. His salary is 3 million GBP (English Pounds).

The 24 year old began his football career in Spain, playing for Real Oviedo. Then he moved to Real Madrid at the age of 15 and spent three years in the teams youth academy. After that, he made the switch to Real Madrid’s Castilla (reserves) for the 2006-07 Season where he finished the season as the sides second best goal scorer with 10 goals.

In that transfer season, he had been sold to Valencia through a contractual clause from Real Madrid. In that same season, he was voted the team’s best young player. Mata won the Copa Del Rey with Valencia in his debut season. Since making his debut for Valencia in 2007, Mata had become an important part of the club’s first team, making over 174 appearances in four seasons. In the 2011-12 season, during the January transfer market, Mata moved to England, signing for Premier League club Chelsea in August 2011, for a fee in the region of £23.5 million. Real Madrid however, got a small fee of £460,000 out of this. He later admitted that it was fellow Spaniard, Fernando Torres, that persuaded him to move to Stamford Bridge.

On 27 August 2011, a 23 year old Juan Mata marked his debut against Norwich City by coming off the bench and scoring a goal. Mata won the UEFA Champions league and the FA cup in his debut season at Chelsea. He also won the club’s Player of the Year award. That is 3 awards in 1 season. That is amazing!

Mata is also a Spanish international, having played for Spain at under-16, 17 and under 21 stages. He also played in the Euro under-21 tournament in 2011. In that tournament, he won the golden player award having played magnificently. He won the world cup with Spain.

Mata is one of the most successful players in the world at this ripe young age, and will carry on to be a legend.

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Liverpool vs Chelsea

February 12th, 2013 by and tagged , ,

Liverpool Make History

Liverpool 21-5 Chelsea

Liverpool were already guaranteed the title, win or lose this game, and if they won this game, it would only add to their point gap between them and 2nd place, Man City. Ashfaq, Liverpool captain, quoted “I am very confident that we are going to win this game, we have already won the league so I’ll just say You’ll Never Walk Alone!!!

Kick off. Jubair took 3 shots in a row and he crossed for the 4th but no one was at the end of it.  Cleared by Zakariya, who is clearly the best defender in the league. Chelsea are defending well, trying to hold off Liverpool. Samir is playing like a pro, but he keeps losing control of the ball. Fahim handballed it and gave away a penalty. Can Jubair put his team ahead? Yes he can! 1 – 0. 1 minute later, Jubair scored again. 2 – 0. Another clearance by Zakariya and Zuleika, who are known by other teams as ‘The Dreadful Double’. 10 min until halftime. Jubair has got his hat trick in the first half. What a beauty he scored. 3-0. Brilliant work by Samir who played it to Riyadh, who guided it in. After kick off, Suleman blasted it out of play. Great save by Aqib. Wondrous save by Mujibur. 5 minutes left until half time. Great save by Aqib but he failed to clear it but saved it again. An inch-perfect goal by Jubair, who is eyeing up that Golden Boot. Chelsea are wasting time and that is the main reason they are not scoring. Ashfaq took to many touches and that is a chance wasted. Lovely two goals by Jubair. Jubair scored again. 7-1. Jubair has now got 7 goals, he is scoring every 2 minutes. 8-1. Half time. Penalty to Liverpool. Mustafa scored and made it 9-1. Mustafa tries to take a shot but missed and Ashfaq scored. Jubair tried to take a shot. Riyadh runs with the ball and got tackled by Zuleika. The score so far is 10-1. Jahidul tries to take a shot but misses. Jubair scored again. 11-1. Samir scores a goal for Chelsea. 11-2. Jubair tries to take a shot from the half way line but the goalkeeper saved it. Jubair scored again. In 5 minutes Jubair scored another 5 goals. 17-2. Penalty to Chelsea. Samir took it and scored.17-3. Ashfaq passed it to Zakariya, who cleared it. Mustak falls down and Jubair played the advantage and scored. Jubair scored another goal. Samir shot but Zakariya defended it. Awesome goal by Jubair, he scored out of the box. Penalty to Liverpool because Fahim thought he was the goalkeeper and picked it up. Jubair took it and scored. Jubair really wants that Golden Boot! He is really trying hard. Samir scored another 2 in 3 minutes. Jubair passed it to Ashfaq and Ashfaq scored. Jubair has scored 58 goals in the whole season.

Men of the match:

Chelsea: Shakir, Fahim & Aqib

Liverpool: Mustak, Rohit & Raahim

Liverpool scorers                                                                          Chelsea scorers

Jubair-16                                                                                        Riyadh-1

Ashfaq-4                                                                                         Samir-4


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